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League of Legends Jayce cake: making of

A client requested a League of Legends cake for her boyfriend. It needs to have his favorite character Jayce from the game on top of the cake. So we went right to work. With fondant figurines, timing and production order is everything. You want to begin with pieces that need to be the strongest.

Since there are many armor pieces and body mass, a good strong foundation will make or break this project. Starting with the base, the legs obviously is the most critical part of the entire figurines as all of the body weight will depend on them. I've used skewers to further strengthen the main core of the body.

The body would obviously be too moist and soft to work on immediately - the legs will sink downwards if we try to work on the body now, so it's a good time leave it alone and let it dry. Move on to make other pieces.

While the legs and body are still drying, the head is a good piece to get done early on. That way by the time the hair and other details need to be added, it will be dry and solid later for easier handling.

After getting most of other pieces made, the fondant on body and legs are pretty rock solid. I went back to sculpt the body a bit more making sure the shapes match the reference, and covering the base with some clean fondants.

The details, eyebrows, hair, collar, belt, armor all gets put together on the body.

Jayce has some pretty huge guns, even with skewers, the arms tend to slowly slide down from his shoulders. I ended up wrapping the arms with body in plastic and let them dry over night together.

Finally, some gold paint job.

Last but not least, some nice hand cut sugar logo, summoner's platform, birthday message, and cake to finish the projejct.

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