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Wedding Pagri For Barati On Rent - Mateshwari Safa Wala

Turban has long been associated with Indian culture. Fashion fads come and go, but the turban retains a particular place in the hearts of Indians. Long ago, the primary function of turbans was to protect common people from the sun's blistering heat. They were able to remain calm and stress-free as a result of this. Turbans were once thought to be a means of promoting the wearer's culture. Turbans were regarded the wearer's pride throughout the reigning era. It was swapped in order to save lives and property. The turban's importance was such that it was mortgaged if someone faced a financial problem.

Tying a Pagdi

There were mainly two types of turban tying that were well-known. The Punjabi and Rajasthani styles of tying were the most popular. People nowadays frequently buy ready-made turbans from stores to save time. Turbans are available in a variety of shapes and colours these days, and the turban fashion trend is one that never goes out of style.

Different Pagdi styles in Mumbai, India

Punjabi style- The turbans are worn by Sikhs religiously. This is typically worn by Sikhs who follow the khalsa panth. Punjabis who follow the khalsa panth are forbidden to cut their hair or beard for the rest of their lives.

Rajasthani safa- The other well-known form is Rajasthani safa. Each district in Rajasthan has its own style of turban tying, and the size of the turban tied generally symbolises the person's social status.

Royal Safa- Because we are based in our ever-changing culture, we at Royal Wedding Safa For Groom would want to give our clients with Safas, turbans, and sehras that are a significant element of the bridal function. We are one of the first companies in Mumbai to sell wedding safa in a range of patterns and designs. We have safas in every colour and pattern, as well as the ability to help our clients develop personalised designs based on their preferences.

Groom Safa- The northern groom's safa is a part of his bridal attire. The beautifully decorated sehra is seen as an auspicious ritual, and it even complements the grooms' attire. Although the sehra is removed once all of the rites have been completed, it remains on the groom's pagdi until then.

All the baratis in the barat wear pagdis now that the wedding pagdi custom has taken off. The groom, though, is the most magnificent. We understand the significance of the pagdi, and indeed the entire bridal gown, in your life. This is why we provide flawless pagdis to all of our customers. Pagdi on rent is a service offered by Safa for Barati in Mumbai.


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