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The stadium in Z city became the competition venue of the tennis tournament after it was decorated. The stadium was sealed and the stadium was still accessible. There are staff members who are carrying out relevant checks, and there are many people coming in and out, mostly to participate in the competition. The tennis tournament is not like the national tournament, and the teams that play tickets for entertainment account for more than half of the total. After all, not everyone can regard e-sports as a profession. There are not many girls inside, and there are even fewer girls like Xu Wan who attract countless eyes around them as soon as they go in. Xu Wan and Xu Xiaohan, who followed her, said that the aura of the trio deeply shocked the people around them, and when others saw that there was a person behind them who was wrapped up like a dumpling with only two eyes exposed, their eyes shifted. The dazzling degree of the male God queen is not as good as the degree of destroying the three views of the exotic flower. Chiffon is not intentional. He is just used to going out and taking protective measures. I want to pack him in a cake box and carry him away. Xu Wan turned sideways and gently said to Xu Xiao beside him, "I'm afraid others don't know that Fengshen is coming." Xu Xiao looked back and Han Shenyan smiled at each other and turned to Chiffon behind him and said, "Remember not to wrap it up like this tomorrow. The cake will be rancid." Chiffon almost didn't take off his mask to fight with him. Talking and laughing here, Xu Xiao looked around, his eyes suddenly fell on the front row of the auditorium in the stadium, where there were several people sitting, and the one in the middle. Xu Xiao's vision is first-class,disc air diffuser, from the back can be judged that it is Huang Xiaotong! Huang Xiaotong, who was chatting with his teammates, suddenly looked back! Their eyes collided, each showing a little surprise, and then they nodded as tacitly as old friends. When Xu Wan followed Xu Xiao's eyes, she saw Huang Xiaotong's eyes looking up and down. She folded her arms and asked,"Why is Huang Xiaotong looking at me?" "It's rare to find an opponent in a tennis match. Who does he look at if he doesn't look at you?" Xu Xiao answered. Behind Qi Feng also saw Huang Xiaotong, dissatisfied with Xu Xiao everywhere only holding Xu Wan's field, dissatisfied with the way: "Huang Xiaotong's opponent is me!"! He just saw me behind Captain Xu! Xu Xiao looked at him carelessly and said in the tone of his little brother's education: "Can people pay attention to it? It mainly depends on the face, not the friendship." Then he and Xu Wan and Han Shenyan walked forward. Rare to meet an old rival here, Huang Xiaotong still stretched out his hand toward Chiffon, Chiffon then followed the past. There are not many people around Huang Xiaotong. Sitting beside him is the brilliant master Zhang Zechao. The whole row was empty, and Xu Wan sat down calmly,


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